BREAKING: Igbo legendary traditionalist, Pericoma is allegedly dead (PHOTOS)

Pericoma holding a microphone at an event

A man who is known as an Icon and big Masquerade of Igboland, Ichie Mezuo Pericomo Okoye, Arusi Makaja 1 of Igboland popularly known as Pericoma is allegedly dead as reported by a Facebook user by name Onyelike Achiever Darlington.

According to Onyelike, the burial of the Igbo legendary traditionalist will be taking place today.

Pericoma is a great traditionalist ,musician and medicine man…. His jazz is also top notch…. He became famous for stopping illegal tax collectors aka agbero boys at upper-iweka onitsha….. He was on his way to onitsha when he was waylaid by agberos who demanded for his tax receipts… He ignored them and they lifted him on their shoulders enroute their office…… He jazzed them and refused to come down from their shoulders for hours until they pleaded and made sacrifices to his deity.

That singular act instilled fears in the heart of all agberos operating at upper iweka thereby curtailing their excesses.

A thread has already been created on Nairaland and here is what we picked from one user:

The much I know about him is that he is a highlife musician and a traditionalist. He is famous for his display of magical powers at the popular Ikeji festival of Arondizogu. It is also famed that he once hypnotised tax collectors who assaulted him at Onitsha just after the head bridge. They lifted him up to take him to their office but could not bring him down until someone who identified him announced that he was the great Peri como. He had to be appeased with some sacrifices before the dafts were freed. Very interesting story. I think someone sang about it.


Sorry. No data so far.

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