Abuja, Cross River, Adamawa residents paid highest transport fare within city in January – NBS


The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in a report titled “Transport Fare Watch Report” for January 2017 revealed that average fare paid by commuters for bus journey within the city dropped by 17.72% month-on-month and increased by 58.35% year-on-year to N1,430.63 in January 2017 from N1,631.14 in December 2016.

According to the report, states with highest bus journey fare within city in January 2017 were Abuja (N290.55), Cross River (N210) and Adamawa (N200) while States with lowest bus journey fare within city in January 2017 were Borno (N50), Yobe (N65) and Bauchi/Bayelsa (N70).

The NBS transport fare watch report for January 2017 covers the following categories namely bus journey within the city per drop constant route ; bus journey intercity, state route, charge per person; air fare charge for specified routes single journey; journey by motorcycle (okada) per drop; and water way passenger transport.



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