Naira Appreciation: Osinbajo should teach Buhari his magic – Ben Murray-Bruce

Whatever the acting President is doing to increase the value of the Naira is working. We appeal to him to teach his boss this magic he has

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has applauded  Acting President Yemi Osinbajo for the continuous fall of the price of Dollar against the Naira.

As at Friday, the Naira was traded between 400 and 460 against the dollar at the parallel market. That was against what Naira was at the beginning of last week, which was traded for over 500 at the parallel market.

Senator Bruce on what he said is a magic by Osibanjo took to his Twitter account and applauded the acting President urging him to teach his boss Buhari what he is doing.

Traders expect the Naira to sell for less than 400 to a dollar, if the boost in liquidity by the CBN is sustained.


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